Development Services

it takes more than just good design to make a project work.

GWA Dots

Understanding the realities of development and the tools available unlocks potential. We have experience helping owners navigate:

Financial Feasibility

We will work with you to identify what funding sources are available, match
potential local, state, and federal incentives applicable to your project, run the
numbers based on market rents, and determine what the return on investment
potential is for your project concept.

Historic Tax Credit Consulting

With expertise in both Federal and State Historic Tax Credit Applications, we can help you navigate the requirements and application process. We’ve successfully helped complete nominations and secure designation on the National Register of Historic Places and are powerful advocates at the State and Federal levels for legislation that supports these critical development tools.

Networking and Connections

We have spent decades building relationships in this industry and we connect
investors, lenders, and tenants to create the partnerships that make development projects work.

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Interior - Metropolitan Hall Lofts

Metropolitan Hall Lofts

Rockford, IL

Architecture, Interior Design, Development Services

The history of Metropolitan Hall is intertwined with the history of Rockford. Built in 1856, this pre-Civil War building was the largest entertainment venue of its time and was host to a variety of speakers including Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville.

Garrison School Lofts

Rockford, IL

Architecture, Interior Design, Development Services

Located in Rockford’s historic Signal Hill neighborhood, the Garrison School Lofts & Townhomes are a shining example of how historic preservation and new construction can be stitched together within a traditional neighborhood fabric.

Urban Planning - Madison Street Corridor

Madison Street Corridor

Rockford, IL

Urban Planning, Development Services

The Madison Street corridor is a key multimodal gateway into downtown Rockford with a variety of coexisting land uses. Small industries, recreational clubs, and landmark buildings like the Prairie Street Brewhouse support entrepreneurship, employment, and prosperity while providing a sense of cultural identity for residents and visitors alike.