Gary Anderson

“Community-building happens incrementally and at the individual level. Even small spaces have big impacts.”

GWA Dots

Ashley Sarver, AICP


Ashley boomeranged back to her hometown region in 2014. She’s passionate about sustainable and equitable improvements in communities and sees urban planning, design, and intentional real estate development as ways to partner with others and make that happen. Her specialties lie in historic real estate finance, corridor planning, and envisioning new spaces in old buildings. Ashley has been nicknamed the “planitect” by her coworkers for her ability to dip into the design world just enough to be dangerous and then connect that vision to the project feasibility.

 Ashley’s bloodstream consists of 80% coffee and 20% sourdough bread.

favorite project

“It has to be 2-12 N River St. in Aurora, IL. From historic research to list the buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, to tax credit applications, and unique architectural details, this project encapsulated in brick and mortar what I love most about revitalizing a community’s downtown.”